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Maintenance, our human flaw and a dreamed of plugin

икони на светци “Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” – Kurt Vonnegut Today has driven home to me Kurt Vonnegut’s quote regarding maintenance. He is right. I’m guilty … Continue reading

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Social media school and learning curves

(Most of what follows was written prior to reading Chris Brogan’s Social Media Fatigue. It would be a very different post had I read his post before writing this. But it seems serendipitous that my post and his should coincide.) … Continue reading

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Intersection: I reveal what it is I do

холови гарнитуриYou never know where ideas and help are going to come from or when. Yesterday I paused from working and found two posts that helped me discover something I’d been looking for a long time. What was I looking … Continue reading


En vacances? Not really

The other day I came upon some writing I did quite a while ago. By “a while” I mean fifteen to twenty years ago. Amid all that writing I found a series of stories I wrote. I had put them … Continue reading