Is social media just talk radio on meth?

Through social media I’ve been following a couple of issues recently. It has lead me to have questions about social media, particularly the conversation aspect. A news story, a blog post or a Facebook page has comment tools or “like” tools and the original item acts as an initiator to a conversation. I’ve noticed a […]

Facebook grabs FriendFeed: a speculation festival

With just about everyone weighing in on the Facebook acquisition of FriendFeed, I thought I’d add to the noise and toss in my riveting insight (or lack thereof). First of all, I’ve no idea what it means. But then, no one else does either — there is interesting speculation, however. One of the first notions […]

Readers have responsibilities too

I saw some tweets to a post, The Trouble With Twitter (Melissa Hart, The Chronicle review), and something occurred to me. The essay is another of the many Twitter critiques that, personally, I’m finding a bit tiresome. After reading it, I thought that what it amounted to was, “I don’t want to change.” That’s fine. […]

What you save in dollars you spend in time

For my headline to be complete it should read, “What you save in dollars you spend in time because, as you probably know, time is money.” In other words, saving dollars doesn’t always save dollars. I’m thinking about businesses and web sites and social media. The other night I was at an event, talking to […]