You need poetry in your posts

What the world really needs is poetry in posts. Seriously. Keep in mind, when we use the word poetry we usually mean it in one of two ways. There is the very technical use when we are talking about something like a Shakespearean sonnet. But there is also the much more common use, in the […]

My most popular posts in 2010

I took a look at my analytics to see what posts were the most popular here during the year. And I made a list of them. I find it interesting looking back at the past year to see that my focus on social media drooped a bit somewhere during the summer as my focus was […]

The only reason I have a job

I know a bit about a lot of things but I can’t really claim to be an expert on any level except in the area of stringing words together. Although I have had positions that involved technical work (audio engineer, radio ad producer, a degree of coding for web sites), I’ve only managed to keep […]

You write like a woman

We tend to define certain qualities as male and female, perhaps as a result of being in the west with its long tradition of patriarchy. The sun is male; the moon female. Tough and hard is male; soft and comforting is female. Austere is male; ornate female. It carries over to writing. When it is […]

Metaphors and similes like bling for words

We use metaphors and similes every day. The web is built on them. The web itself is a metaphor. Well, it began as a metaphor. Given the meanings of web, I suppose it is an actual web. So I guess it isn’t a metaphor. As you can see, thinking about metaphors and similes can muddle […]