The editor steps in again

It’s been unusually quiet at Writelife. You can blame the editor for that. I have three posts unpublished because the editor has nixed them. Yes, the editor is me. The editor is a self-editor. What was wrong with the posts? They were cranky. Whiny. The tone was all bitchiness. The editor doesn’t like that. Not […]

My most popular posts in 2010

I took a look at my analytics to see what posts were the most popular here during the year. And I made a list of them. I find it interesting looking back at the past year to see that my focus on social media drooped a bit somewhere during the summer as my focus was […]

Respect customers and yourself

(This was first posted Sept. 18, 2004.) In the various blogs I visit, and in other sources, I continually come across discussions about customers and their experience of businesses, large and small. One of the themes that pops up frequently is respect, as in Seth Godin’s recent posting, Trust and Respect, Courage and Leadership. You […]

‘Emotions are contagious’

I wrote a review of a book I’m currently rereading, Exuberance: The Passion for Life by Kay Redfield Jamison. (You’ll find it over at Thoughtwrestling.) This morning, I was looking over a chapter titled “Throwing up rockets,” a phrase from P.T. Barnum and it started me thinking about a few other things, like school murals […]

Guidelines vs. rules: bamboozled by bullets

It is not enough to be able to read. You have to know how to read. In other words, it requires some critical thinking. The internet is a good example, especially when it comes to the difference between guidelines and rules. A lot of online material concerns ways to do things: tips, how to’s, and […]

Publish or perish: the lessons of Scheherazade

Scheherazade told one thousand and one stories over one thousand and one nights for good reason – to stay alive. Her chief lesson is simple: publish or perish. Actually, in her case, it was also publish and perish – maybe. It wasn’t enough for her to simply tell a tale. It had to be good. […]