Get to the point

Get to your point immediately or readers will abandon you. This is especially so online. No one is willing to plow through that first little bit you write to guide a reader into your subject. It is “now or never” online. I saw a rather stark example of what I consider this online no-no today. […]

The editor steps in again

It’s been unusually quiet at Writelife. You can blame the editor for that. I have three posts unpublished because the editor has nixed them. Yes, the editor is me. The editor is a self-editor. What was wrong with the posts? They were cranky. Whiny. The tone was all bitchiness. The editor doesn’t like that. Not […]

How social is social media?

This is a question I’ve been mulling over a while now. I know social media is social but I wonder if it isn’t social in a way that displaces – or perhaps the correct word is “replaces” – another form of sociability. Increasingly, I see people with their smartphones walking around talking and texting and […]

My most popular posts in 2010

I took a look at my analytics to see what posts were the most popular here during the year. And I made a list of them. I find it interesting looking back at the past year to see that my focus on social media drooped a bit somewhere during the summer as my focus was […]

The awful truth about being brief

Being brief takes time. That is the awful truth. You would think brevity would take less time. It is, after all, brief. The reality, however, is that it takes more time; at least it does if you intend to write something worthwhile. Writing something long, like a blog post, is easy. At least it is […]

Storytelling — get out of the way

With the indifference of weather, he shot the child and kept walking. I’ve mentioned before that far too often we’re focused on writing rather than storytelling. I refer to writing because that is what I do, but this is applicable to all forms of storytelling – written, verbal, film, etc. Our writing gets in the […]