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Google makes social media interesting again

I found myself wondering if Google might be the first company to actually get social media by focusing on the word social and realizing something was lacking in a big way in the world of social networks and technology generally. … Continue reading

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About the other fiction of Disrupted Lives

I had an idea about this ebook I put together, Disrupted Lives and Other commotions. I decided against it for a number of reasons but it keeps popping up in some of my tweets and Facebook updates. Let me describe … Continue reading

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Have you thoughtwrestled yet?

Oh, don’t look baffled by the word. The internet — the world, for that matter — is made up of new words and phrases that try to communicate their intent in their name. This one, Thoughtwrestling, is a pretty good … Continue reading

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Self-interview: Bill, why do you write?

I write because no one listens to me when I talk. That was the sound byte answer. But it’s true. When I talk I sound like an idiot. So people tune out, as I would too. When I write, however, … Continue reading

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