Google makes social media interesting again

I found myself wondering if Google might be the first company to actually get social media by focusing on the word social and realizing something was lacking in a big way in the world of social networks and technology generally. This was after having watched Andrew Keen’s interview about Google+ with Vic Gundotra (Google’s VP […]

About the other fiction of Disrupted Lives

I had an idea about this ebook I put together, Disrupted Lives and Other commotions. I decided against it for a number of reasons but it keeps popping up in some of my tweets and Facebook updates. Let me describe the idea. The ebook is made up of seven stories. So it is fiction (with […]

Have you thoughtwrestled yet?

Oh, don’t look baffled by the word. The internet — the world, for that matter — is made up of new words and phrases that try to communicate their intent in their name. This one, Thoughtwrestling, is a pretty good one I think. It communicates what the blog it names is about: wrestling with ideas. […]