Dueling social networks: Google+ and Facebook

Although I’m using Google+ I know absolutely nothing about it. And I’ve yet to find the time to really explore it. The comforting thing is knowing that no one else knows anything about it. Everything is speculation. People using it now are early adopters — and that is worrisome. Early adopters tend to be more […]

Nothing is secure; no one is anonymous

No matter how sophisticated technology is, it always has one big hurtle it can’t overcome: us. How we use something — how we behave — will always condition technology, either by how it is designed or how it is used. Not five minutes after talking with some friends about security on the Internet, a number […]

Curation the first trend of 2011

We are only a week into the new year and already it has its Internet trend: curation. I’m particularly struck by this trend for both positive and negative reasons. I’ll get the negative one out of the way first. It’s a personal thing, the negative reason, because there is a certain irony in it. I […]

Our misinformation age

In our digital age we have buckets of information and much of it is easily accessible. I can go online and with a bit of hunting find out all kinds of things about my neighbours, friends, strangers and you. Many of us have written essays, published books, lectured and made careers out of simply talking […]

Breadth, depth and brains

I’ve always liked Nicholas Carr for his skepticism. Unlike contrarians, who take opposing views for their own sake, Carr as a skeptic asks questions, the kinds that challenge assumptions. Challenging assumptions is good for the brain. I’ve just picked up his latest book, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains and I’m […]

‘Emotions are contagious’

I wrote a review of a book I’m currently rereading, Exuberance: The Passion for Life by Kay Redfield Jamison. (You’ll find it over at Thoughtwrestling.) This morning, I was looking over a chapter titled “Throwing up rockets,” a phrase from P.T. Barnum and it started me thinking about a few other things, like school murals […]