Passion without a harness

иконографияikoniWe hear and read all the time about how we have to be passionate about what we do and, yes, we do. It’s hard to generate enthusiasm in others if we don’t feel passion and it is also hard to hold our own interest in something if we aren’t passionate about. But we have to […]

Nothing is secure; no one is anonymous

No matter how sophisticated technology is, it always has one big hurtle it can’t overcome: us. How we use something — how we behave — will always condition technology, either by how it is designed or how it is used. Not five minutes after talking with some friends about security on the Internet, a number […]

In praise of disinformation

Worries about storing data and what corporations and governments know or can learn about us have been alive a long time in the world of digital devices. Currently, it’s a concern about smartphones, location tracking and, most recently, what Apple is doing. The response tends to be to consider government involvement (laws etc.) and, perhaps […]

People and stories — Part 1

Yesterday I wrote that, “A story is people involved in events told by people to people.” I then asked why some stories are interesting and others dull. I suspect the answer to that has to do with that word “people.” We’re obsessed with ourselves, each other, and what happens to us. That is what news […]

Our misinformation age

In our digital age we have buckets of information and much of it is easily accessible. I can go online and with a bit of hunting find out all kinds of things about my neighbours, friends, strangers and you. Many of us have written essays, published books, lectured and made careers out of simply talking […]