Google makes social media interesting again

I found myself wondering if Google might be the first company to actually get social media by focusing on the word social and realizing something was lacking in a big way in the world of social networks and technology generally. This was after having watched Andrew Keen’s interview about Google+ with Vic Gundotra (Google’s VP […]

Social media fugue – is the bloom off the rose?

вик услугиOver the last four months or so I have been using social media far less than a year ago and I wonder if social media hasn’t hit a kind of tipping point and I’ve entered into a kind of fugue state where it is concerned. The dictionary on my computer defines fugue (second meaning) […]

Finding ideas, mind-mapping, process and chaos

Two related post subjects caught my attention last week and I’m trying to distill them here. The subjects are ideas (coming up with them) and mind-mapping. I began the post, How to find an idea (since abandoned) and also scattered a few comments on a number of blogs providing my own less than profound insight. […]

The great digital landfill

What if bits and bytes smelled? And what if they smelled bad? And what if they had the capacity to carry viruses – no, not the email kind but biological n’er-do-wells? Somewhere out in that vast and ill-defined world we call “digital space,” there’s a lot – and I mean a lot – of refuse. […]

Working from home – three caveats

We all have ideas about what working from home would be like and most of them reflect the upside of it, or at least what we imagine the upside to be. I think most would be roughly accurate so I won’t list them here. There are a few caveats, however. I always think of three […]