You need poetry in your posts

What the world really needs is poetry in posts. Seriously. Keep in mind, when we use the word poetry we usually mean it in one of two ways. There is the very technical use when we are talking about something like a Shakespearean sonnet. But there is also the much more common use, in the […]

Google makes social media interesting again

I found myself wondering if Google might be the first company to actually get social media by focusing on the word social and realizing something was lacking in a big way in the world of social networks and technology generally. This was after having watched Andrew Keen’s interview about Google+ with Vic Gundotra (Google’s VP […]

Creativity can obscure your message

In an age of digital this and that, when many of us live large parts of our lives online, creativity often obfuscates our message. Obfuscate means to “render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible,” as my dictionary defines it. It’s not that the creativity we bring to something isn’t imaginative. It’s often very imaginative; very clever and […]

Pairs, sequences and storytelling

The short video below, The Evolution of Storytelling, tells a story about stories. However, pay attention to how it tells its story. Listen to it and pay attention. You may have noticed pairs and sequences of threes. In fact, the opening sentence begins with a sequence of three that concludes with a pair: “There is […]

Storytelling, classifications and definitions

We live in a world mad for deconstructing, classifying and compartmentalizing. We have always done this but never to the degree we do now. It has something to do with the rise and growth of science. It’s the process we developed in order to learn and understand. It can, however, be restrictive and have the […]

Storytelling — get out of the way

With the indifference of weather, he shot the child and kept walking. I’ve mentioned before that far too often we’re focused on writing rather than storytelling. I refer to writing because that is what I do, but this is applicable to all forms of storytelling – written, verbal, film, etc. Our writing gets in the […]