Video and interesting backgrounds

икониMy last video was kind of awful mainly because it was a mash-up stitched together from a webcam, a Canon ZR850 and a Canon PowerShot. The first third probably could have been scrapped. Still, the tip about avoiding “the furtive glance” was valid, I think. I have another video tip, this time about backgrounds, and […]

Canada, singular and plural

(Originally published July 1, 2010 on Thoughtwrestling as “The Canadas.”) Canada is both problem and solution. It’s an ongoing exercise in creativity and problem solving. Sometimes it works out well; sometimes not. And it’s really, really big! Its lessons are big too. When it comes to solving problems and being creative, it provides the biggest […]

Impractical pursuits and other questions

I have a post on Thoughtwrestling today called Nothing more to say – the secret brain. In it I mention something I call The Impractical Pursuits Project and I’m deliberately vague because I’ve not fully formed the idea in my own head yet. Part of it, however, is counter-intuitive – which is why I call […]

Intersection: I reveal what it is I do

холови гарнитуриYou never know where ideas and help are going to come from or when. Yesterday I paused from working and found two posts that helped me discover something I’d been looking for a long time. What was I looking for? What it is I do. For me the most painful, almost unbearable kind of […]

En vacances? Not really

The other day I came upon some writing I did quite a while ago. By “a while” I mean fifteen to twenty years ago. Amid all that writing I found a series of stories I wrote. I had put them together under a tentative title, Rather Short Stories for Rather Small People. Other than being […]