Canada, singular and plural

(Originally published July 1, 2010 on Thoughtwrestling as “The Canadas.”) Canada is both problem and solution. It’s an ongoing exercise in creativity and problem solving. Sometimes it works out well; sometimes not. And it’s really, really big! Its lessons are big too. When it comes to solving problems and being creative, it provides the biggest […]

Facing the stairs

This post doesn’t have any tips or suggestions that will help you to solve problems or engage your creative side. It’s really just an observation. It’s about something everyone will inevitably encounter in their life: the daunting stairs you’ll have to climb to get to where you want to go – and what happens once […]

This world will amaze you

I just came back from walking the dog in the park. While there, we met a guy. We stopped and chatted. He told me his story. I now feel exuberant. His story contained joy and tragedy; points of recognition; coincidence; verve and laughter. It amazed me. It goes like this: If you’ve read my posts […]

Trade-offs and other matters of concern

In New Brunswick, there are several battles going on: the one between the power deal with Quebec and the H1N1 vaccine for top news story. Then there’s the one within that power deal between the those for and those against. There are a lot of kneejerk responses to the power deal, some of which are […]