13 Things I Do Not Want to Do Before I Die

I like the idea of a bucket list, at least as far as the concept comes across in the movie The Bucket List. Inevitably, when we die we leave things undone. For most people, thinking like that is a bit melancholy. It creates a sense of regret. Hence, a bucket list to help avoid that […]

Lunaricity and the Promise of Moon Power

Along New Brunswick’s Fundy coast, in the small town of St. George, a group of scientists have perfected a process that promises to change the lives of everyone on this planet for the better, particularly those of Canadians. It is called lunaricity. It is moon power and Canada has the patent. “We thought, ‘Well, everyone […]

Epilepsy: Part of the landscape

I wrote this little thing about epilepsy a few years for the Fredericton Daily Gleaner. It seemed appropriate to share it again since I spent the afternoon at the Emergency after I had a seizure. (By the way, I’m okay now. There was a problem with the anti-convulsant medication I take being way too low […]

Happy and unhappy and how we think of them

I was thinking about the words happy and unhappy and what they meant and what those things were actually about. I’ll save you considerable reading by telling you how I summed it up: We’re almost always aware of when we’re unhappy; we’re rarely aware of when we are happy. This is because when we’re unhappy […]


“700 light years away … a dying star is building a nebula.” Some people think wonder is the province of children. Some believe, as we get older, we get used to, even blasé about our world. I disagree. Some may get blasé, but many do not. I don’t stumble upon moments of wonder as often […]