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The one thing you need to know when writing about the one thing you need to know

Put the one thing people need to know in the first sentence. At the very least, put it in the first paragraph. Tweet

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My most popular posts in 2011

I finally got around to taking a look at what my most popular posts were in 2011. I figured, 2012 is half over, probably time to get around to it. Apparently I need not have done it. Many are the … Continue reading

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You need poetry in your posts

What the world really needs is poetry in posts. Seriously. Keep in mind, when we use the word poetry we usually mean it in one of two ways. There is the very technical use when we are talking about something … Continue reading

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How NOT to make a video blog

Tossing dignity aside, I took a moment out to make a short video on things to avoid when making a video blog, aka vlog. I hope it provides a few tips you can use when making your own video blog … Continue reading


If the door is locked, use a window

When you find a door locked it’s not unusual to waste a lot of time trying to open it. But it’s locked and no matter what you do it won’t open. That is when you pause, take a look around … Continue reading

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