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Epilepsy: Part of the landscape

I wrote this little thing about epilepsy a few years for the Fredericton Daily Gleaner. It seemed appropriate to share it again since I spent the afternoon at the Emergency after I had a seizure. (By the way, I’m okay … Continue reading

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Happy and unhappy and how we think of them

I was thinking about the words happy and unhappy and what they meant and what those things were actually about. I’ll save you considerable reading by telling you how I summed it up: We’re almost always aware of when we’re … Continue reading

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My wonderful new playlist

I have a fabulous new playlist. I suppose you have to like this kind of music but if you do I think you will likely find it wonderful as well. It’s a little quiet and a little jazzy (or a … Continue reading

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Morning Jeremiad (aka Peon’s Blues)

Forgive my jeremiad but I have the need to say That when I rose this morning I didn’t feel okay. I went to my computer to read the right now news And every single one of us sang a peon’s … Continue reading

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Leonard Cohen and doing it Old School

I finally got to see Leonard Cohen live (after all these years) at Harbour Station in Saint John, New Brunswick and my first thought was, “This is a show.” Let me explain what I mean because of course, any concert … Continue reading