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13 Things I Do Not Want to Do Before I Die

I like the idea of a bucket list, at least as far as the concept comes across in the movie The Bucket List. Inevitably, when we die we leave things undone. For most people, thinking like that is a bit melancholy. It creates a sense of regret. Hence, a bucket list to help avoid that […]

Sometimes the Start Isn’t Where You Start

I came across Alexander Chee‘s great essay on the subject of writing, Annie Dillard and the Writing Life. One part in particular struck me (I added the bolding): In the cutting and cutting and the move this here, put this at the beginning, this belongs on page six, I learned that the first three pages […]

Lunaricity and the Promise of Moon Power

Along New Brunswick’s Fundy coast, in the small town of St. George, a group of scientists have perfected a process that promises to change the lives of everyone on this planet for the better, particularly those of Canadians. It is called lunaricity. It is moon power and Canada has the patent. “We thought, ‘Well, everyone […]

Behaving Decently

“If what Jesus said was good, what can it matter whether he was God or not?“ I find the atheism vs religion discussions frustrating at best. On the atheism/science side, science tends to be presented in an unscientific way. (“We know …”) The humility inherent in true science is absent. Actual science begins with the […]

Haunt Me with Mosquitoes

It has been a particularly disagreeable winter with no abatement in sight, according to the Environment Canada crew. And so I find myself continually returning to my keyboard to dally in my constitutionally protected Canadian right to bitch and moan about it.Ergo … Haunt Me with Mosquitoes Haunt me with those damned mosquitoes; use flies […]