Where have I been?

I haven’t posted here on Writelife since December, 2011. This is my first post of 2012 and it strikes me it should answer the question, “Where the hell have I been?” The answer is pretty simple: I’ve been right here, not posting.

The last six months of 2011 were a doozie with small, niggling issues gaining steam until they became very much larger ones. They weren’t unusual. They were the same issues families, businesses, governments and everyone else must deal with eventually. They were financial. Too much going out; not enough coming in.

So I sold my house. I didn’t want to sell my house but I didn’t want debt either, particularly in the current economic climate.

Selling the house largely dealt with the debt issue but it didn’t deal with the revenue coming in. Actually, the revenue wasn’t all that bad – could have been better, but wasn’t terrible – but working freelance there was the compounding problem of when it would come in. Collecting in a timely way was a constant problem.

I’ve solved that now by a new full-time, part-time job that adds to the income but also is dependable. I know how much will come in and when.

Still, I suppose I could have posted … except I have a number of clients and I’ve been working on their web and social media material, sites and so on. I’ve done very little on Twitter and Facebook as me, but I’ve done oodles for other businesses. That was due to the revenue thing. I don’t get paid for posting to my own blog or for tweeting as Writelife.

As it turns out, I don’t think I’ve ever been as busy as I’ve been in the last few months. I just haven’t been busy with my stuff.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I have been working on one little project when I’ve found the time. It may even become yet another blog. (I’m not sure that is wise, however, given that I haven’t been maintaining my other blogs well recently.)

It’s a newsletter. It is a pretty specific newsletter in that it is for small businesses. It’s even more specific than that. It’s for small businesses that are only now venturing, with trepidation, into the digital world of sites, blogs and social media. With the clients I have I’ve found they have similar misconceptions, similar fears and, perhaps worst for them, a focus that directs their attention and dollars to areas that mean diddley-squat as far as online success goes.

If you’re at all interested, you can subscribe to the newsletter using the fields in the right hand column, at the top. It will be called The Occasional Newsletter because I don’t intend to flood anyone’s Inbox. It will go out if and when there is material that warrants it.?????? ?? ???? ????????? ?? ???????