Get to the point

Get to your point immediately or readers will abandon you. This is especially so online. No one is willing to plow through that first little bit you write to guide a reader into your subject. It is “now or never” online.

I saw a rather stark example of what I consider this online no-no today. And it was on a very respectable site, one I enjoy a lot. They preceded their point with words, words, words. I almost stopped reading because it seemed to be writing for the sake of writing.

I think I only continued because I have a high opinion of the site and the blogger.

I’m guilty of the same thing so I’m not going to name names — it serves no purpose. But what they did was to begin with a 275 word block of text, no breaks, before getting to what the post was about. This is a surefire way of ensuring no one reads your post.

It’s a bad practice in any writing but especially so online when people grant you the merest of glances to engage their interest. Get to your point immediately. Stop the business of setting it up with mellifluous language, creating a tone and easing a reader into the subject.

Deliver the goods, now.

By the way, it appears I harp on this every two years: