Stories all the time

Most people I know wake in the morning, get up, get a coffee and then turn to their morning paper for news or their computer for email and news. Put another way, their days begin with stories.

When they go to bed, many of them read first, or watch some television beforehand, or talk to their partner before closing their eyes to sleep. Put another way, their waking day concludes with stories.

In between, they work and as they work they encounter friends, colleagues and strangers with whom they talk. Their days are filled with stories.

When they sleep at night, they dream. What do they dream? Stories. The dreams may be crazy, and thus the stories crazy, but they are stories none the less. Some people I know even relate those stories the next day to others. “I had the craziest dream last night! I was in …”

We hear and tell stories all the time, even when we sleep. From this I conclude that stories are the stuff of life and without them there is no life. Or, if there is life, it’s not very interesting.

Hearing and telling stories is what we do. All the time.

(This post was prompted by Tell a Story on Paulo Coelho’s Blog, which I was alerted to by @greggmorris from What’s Your Story?.)