Ten things that give me the willies

I’ve been lost in work all day and I’ve just come up for air. In my part of the world the day is as gray and grim as days get so, having lifted my head up from the work I’ve been doing, I am gripped by an indefinable feeling of apprehension. So I made a list of things that give me the willies. It goes like this:

  1. My tax assessments (hair standing on end!)
  2. Entertainment Tonight
  3. Comments on news sites
  4. The idea that someone is paid to cut Stephen Harper’s hair that way
  5. Toronto
  6. Sports radio talk shows on TV
  7. Pink toilet paper (It exists! I’ve seen it!)
  8. The American pronunciation of the word foyer
  9. “Flavoured” beer
  10. Buttock eating aliens!