Why do Internet companies manage communication so badly?

It seems ironic but the very companies that provide methods of communication on the Internet manage communication terribly. We see it time and again.

The latest is Twitter and changes they made in how Reply works. For a good summary of it, see Dave Winer’s Lessons from the changes in Twitter.

Whether the changes were significant or not, and whether the community response was warranted, is irrelevant to my point. This is about how the company communicates with its community.

Most people are aware of the ongoing problems Facebook has in interacting with their community. An example would be their latest redesign and prior to that the fiasco over their terms and conditions.

And there was the recent Amazon “Oops!” (See my post, Lessons learned from the Amazon kerfuffle.)

You’ve got to ask, “Why do they communicate so badly?” You would think that if any companies would be aware of the need for transparency and of how quickly even the smallest thing can spread like wildfire online, these would be the companies. You would also think that they would be would be standards for other companies to go by in how to communicate with your community.

But they’re not. They’re dumb as stumps.

Why? Honestly, I can’t figure it out.