The caffeine equation

I just read Daniel Pink‘s post over at The Huffington Post. It’s titled How Starbucks Explains the World and it’s an interesting meditation (if a tad tongue-in-cheek) on coffee: Two weeks ago, my family and I visited Kyoto and stayed at a ryokan … A block away in one direction was an old-fashioned market. A […]

Hmm … character issues

I updated all my blogs to WordPress 2.2 and now they all have character issues, such as posts that use apostrophes as in it’s. And I’m definitely not the guy to figure out why and how to fix it. Update: It appears to only affect previous posts, like the one just below this, not new […]

Meaningless but pretty words

The Adobe people are pushing their Adobe Creative Suite 3 these days (for those who love acronyms, aka Adobe CS3). And that’s fine but I find that they, along with many other companies that market using email, send very little content and a whole lot of design. It’s makes sense in one way, if you’re […]

I love to write, I hate to write

I have a new writing assignment and it’s exciting in the sense that it is fun – or at least, it should be fun. So why is it so difficult to get started on it? I know it has the potential to be fun. I know that once I start, it will likely be as […]

Make your soul go

From the Harvard Crimson, May 19, 2000, an interview with Kurt Vonnegut: “… As far as being a great writer, that is not the only purpose of writing. The real goal is to make your soul go, not to make a living. Practicing art, even in a mediocre way, can make the soul go. The […]