Nobel prize for Doris Lessing

Doris May Lessing photoIt’s been a while since I’ve read something by Doris Lessing but some time back (1970′s and 1980′s?) I read quite a bit. She was and still is a favourite writer for me. So I was quite happy to see she’s received the Nobel prize for literature.

Let’s see … I’ve read The Golden Notebook (that might have been the first thing of hers I read). And the Children of Violence series of novels (Martha Quest, etc.). And her science fiction series, Canopus in Argos.

She’s often spoken of in feminist terms but I can’t say I’ve ever really thought of her that way. It seems a pretty limiting label and not necessarily an accurate one. I think I see her more as someone who,

  1. writes good stories and,
  2. is very observant and critical of human behavior which, of necessity, involves the genders.

Maybe it’s time I read something new by her, or re-read some of those books I liked so much the first time …

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